Thursday, May 12, 2005

Rubella Outbreak is Giving Me a Rash

So, for the past few weeks the government of Ontario and health officials in Southern Ontario (a Canadian province just north of Detroit) have been wringing their hands about a rubella outbreak (about 120 people, including 2 pregnant women) and talking about forced immunization.

Rubella, or German measles, is a benign disease when contracted by children. That’s what everyone, including the upset health officials say. There’s no argument on that.

Rubella can cause birth defects to fetuses that are in the first trimester of development. Another fact that nobody disputes.

Kids who contract rubella have a lifetime immunity to the disease. Another fact that everyone, no matter what side of the vaccine fence they sit on, agrees with.

So, the conclusion by government and some health officials, rising from the recent outbreak of rubella: let’s consider implementing a compulsory rubella vaccine policy for all children. I lost the train of logic on this…

If all kids contracted this benign disease (as most still contract chicken pox) then the women of child-bearing age would not be at risk of contracting the disease when they’re pregnant since they already would have had it…why do vaccines even enter the discussion??


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