Monday, April 04, 2005

Drink Coca-Cola, Avoid Malaria!

This would be an amusing story from the Scotsman - if it had been posted a couple days ago on April Fool’s Day. Sadly, it appears to be true…scientists are working on putting vaccinations into the food we commonly eat. Not our carrots and broccoli, though - since we actually don’t eat many of those.
  • Vaccines into cigarettes (presumably to prevent cancer);
  • Malaria vaccine in Coca-Cola to protect people in countries where malaria is a problem (uhhh…let’s see…low income, developing countries and the best way to get a malaria vaccine to the greatest number of people is in Coke?! Anyone else feel a little disturbed by this?);
  • Vaccines in beer. (I’ll take a guess that those will be the anti-Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) vaccines that are currently in development.

How about a vaccine that over-rides our collective desire to eat processed crap which has no nutritional value and, in fact, adds to the burden of disease, including those diseases we now rely on vaccines to protect us from?

Oh, but I’m hopeless a dreamer.


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