Saturday, April 23, 2005

“Vaccination: an Act of Love. Love Them. Protect Them. Immunize Them.”

This is the new tag-line for the 2005 National Infant Immunization Week. Coming to a doctor’s office, daycare provider, school near you from April 24 to April 30.

What’s so interesting (scary, apalling, unbelievable) is that on the same day the CDC issued it’s notice of upcoming immunization events, activities and ads, the Secretary of the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program announced that trivalent influenza vaccines are now covered under their program, providing no-fault compensation for certain individuals who have been injured by this vaccine.

Why is the coverage no-fault? Well, put simply, because the vaccine-makers knew their vaccines were injuring and killing infants and they were sick of paying hefty legal bills to the families of harmed babies. So the government stepped up to ensure the vaccine programs would continue…

An “Act of Love”…hmmm…I’m not so sure…


Blogger Zeppara said...

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October 08, 2005  

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