Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Thimerosal - Safe When Injected, But Don’t Swallow!

Anyone who has paid any attention to the great vaccine debate over the last couple of years will have heard of Thimerosal. It’s a chemical that has historically been added to vaccines as a preservative. There’s been debate about whether this mercury derivative has been in any way responsible for the huge increases in childhood autism over the last decade…

Of course, vaccine-makers have claimed that their products are, and have always been, safe. Most have, however, publicly said that they no longer use Thimerosal in their vaccines - not, of course, because it was unsafe, simply because the public asked for it….yeah, right!

In any event, here’s an interesting bit of info from the Merck website - you’ll note this is not the USA or Canadian or UK Merck website, though.

Thimerosal is classified as VERY TOXIC, and even has the wicked skull and cross bones symbol in red, no less! Here’s how they define “very toxic:”
Inhalation, swallowing, or absorption through the skin in very small amounts can
cause considerable damage to health, and may sometimes be lethal. In the event of serious evidence of severe, possibly irreversible damage to health by single, repeated, or prolonged absorption.

So warning: don’t breathe it. Don’t drink it. Don’t let it get on your skin. But…it’s okay to inject it into the bloodstream of infants…over and over and over and over again…yeah, sure.

Read a great article about mercury poisoning in the March 2005 issue of Discover Magazine .


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