Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Screening Children for Mental Problems - a Gimmick Aimed at Increasing Pharma Profits

I've been following the story of forced mental health screening that Congress has proposed for all American school-aged children and all women (not sure why men have been excluded...or am I?!)

Most of my well-informed American friends have not heard about this. For some reason, it hasn't been a top news story. Mostly just covered by so-called "alternative" media. Forced mental health screening is a very scary idea that could have huge and terrible ramifications to individuals and to society as whole.

And - I just read that my own state's Senator, Democrat Edward Kennedy, is actually supporting this initiative...and here I thought I was voting for the common sense candidate in the last election. Silly me...

Find out more. This is an important issue.

Read Mother Jones article of one 13 year old's experience after having had a mental health screening at her school.

And the Alliance for Human Research Protection's analysis of forced mental health screening in the New Freedom Commission report.


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