Thursday, May 19, 2005

Fish really does make you smarter!

I just read an interesting study in the May issue of the journal Pediatrics, about how essential fatty acids (like fish oils) can help kids improve their academic skills and even overcome some of the behavioural characteristics of ADHD.

A couple posts ago I did cite evidence that medical journal studies have fallen into question, but I have anecdotal evidence to support the study in Pediatrics. Based on that, I believe this study was done with integrity!

A year ago my son (who was seven at the time) was "diagnosed" by the manager of his after-school care program as behavioural and placed with 11 other so-called, “at-risk kids” who, as she put it, were either on behaviour modification drugs or should be on them. I pulled my child from this care situation immediately and then began to look into how to help my energetic and argumentative boy to quiet down a little.

Not for one second did I believe he was either at-risk or in need of any pharmaceutical drugs, so my research led me to look at food and chemical influencers. I read a book called, “Is Your Child’s Brain Starving?

Doctor Michael Lyon, who wrote the book, proposed that when a child lacks essential fatty acids, his brain cannot function effectively and one of the results is often ADHD-like behaviour. Eureka!

We started our son on some vitamins developed just for kids like him and within one month saw a marked improvement in his behaviour. It’s been six months since he started the vitamins and nobody would call him anything other than your typical noisy eight-year old…

As the pop-culture icon, Nancy Reagan loves to tell teens, “Just say ‘no’ to drugs.”

(Okay…I know she means “bad” drugs like pot, not legally prescribed pharmaceuticals… but did you know that Ritalin has become a popular street drug? Young people get prescriptions and then sell the pills for up to $20 per pill? College and high school students, hoping to improve their concentration while studying, grind the pills into powder and snort it like cocaine…oooh, I feel another post coming on…)


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