Friday, May 13, 2005

Anti-vaccination crowd needs a pill

People, like me, who make the effort to think about, look into and carefully weigh any medical intervention that is recommended for my son, are often called names. We’re labeled as irresponsible, negligent and even abusive when our decisions counter popular thinking. My choice not to fully vaccinate my son has landed me with many unflattering labels.

My belief is that parents have the right to be fully informed about any decision they are making on another person’s behalf. I also believe that the media have a significant and important role to play in helping parents make those decisions.

This clip from a recent column in the Edmonton Sun does a disservice to all thoughtful human beings. Mindelle Jacobs, you should be ashamed and embarrassed. Name-calling and threats are always the last resort of a person trying to convince others that their indefensible argument is defensible.
"It is almost incomprehensible that in the West, where vaccination programs have long been routine, there are still a few morons who refuse to immunize their kids.

The rubella outbreak in southwestern Ontario continues to spread, with more than 120 confirmed cases, including two pregnant women. Nine other expecting women may also have been exposed.

We can't cane these foolish parents for placing their children and the larger community at risk - although I'd sure like to. We can't jail them either. While vaccination is almost universal in Canada, it isn't mandatory.

All we can do, I suppose, is express our disgust that people would use religious or philosophical reasons to turn their backs on a vital part of our public health system. "


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