Thursday, November 01, 2007

NaNoWriMo - Day One

Off to a strong start (but apparently no longer able to type since those five words took me several shots to get right… fingers numb!) with 5,034 words under my belt.

29 days to bash out the remaining 44,966 words!

I feel very good about what flowed. It’s not close to perfect but it’s not total crap either. It’s got a shadow of truth in it and a much stronger element of fiction than I expected to be able to pull off. For this I am very happy. God knows, I’m an eager exhibitionist in a clothing-optional hot-tub, but exposing my body is much easier than exposing how outrageously lame I can be in situations of the heart.

What will I share? How about this – a few words I’ve used in the first three chapters:

Canadian Club
Sex (7 times)

How about this. An excerpt from chapter 2… risky since this is just copy puked from my brain. Not edited. At least it’s English…

Gabrielle pulled up to the house and parked. Se opened the trunk and pulled out James’ bags while he woke himself from his half-nap. As she looked in the trunk she realized that her bottle of scotch wasn’t with her.

“Ah, fuck!”


“I bought a bottle of Auchentoshan while I was waiting for you. I must have left it on the seat. Fuck! I hate that. It was forty-five bucks. Aaaaa-ghhhh!”

“It’s not ‘o-shent-o-shan.’ It’s pronounced ‘ocken-toshin.’ Remember?”

Gabrielle took a deep breath. She remembered.

“Why’d you buy a bottle of Auchentoshan? You don’t like that one. You think it’s too peaty.”

Gabrielle considered telling him why she bought that bottle over all the others, and decided to simply tell him she forgot that she didn’t much care for that scotch.

“Well, I guess my sub-conscious remembered since I left the bottle behind for someone else to enjoy.” She tried to laugh but it came out more as a snarl.

There. Day one under my belt. Now all I have to do is make sure I don’t get too much work this month and I’ll have 50,000 words done, no problem! To heck with the mortgage! This is way more fun...


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Keep it up, I'm cheerin' for ya!


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