Monday, October 22, 2007

First goes the mind. Common sense and decency soon follow.

Apparently, although I can't find time or motivation to blog these days (weeks, months), I'm going to write a "novel" in November.

I signed up with NaNoWriMo. That would be National Novel Writing Month.

I tried this once before. In 2002. I failed, in that I did not complete the task.

This year? All I can do is give completion the ole college try again. And since November is looking extremely thin in the work area, I won't have much better to do with my time.

My working title is "My LavaLife: dating tales of an anti-vaccine advocate."

It'll be a work of fiction based loosely on the experiences I had during my 12 months of online dating. I had 24 first dates, a handful of second and third dates, and even one... "relationship."

I met some very interesting characters who deserve to be glorified in a work of humourous fiction. The stories make me laugh - and some of them make me cringe - not in the least, due to my role in the whole dating scene.

Wait 'til you read about my main character's three dates with Adam, a 6'5" lawyer with an affinity for dressing up in gorgeous gowns and 4" heels. (Let me tell you, did that man go to extremes finding stilettos in size 14!).

And then there was Jake, a very shy insurance adjuster who was so concerned that his car would make or break any woman’s interest in him that he made me - of course, I mean, my main character - walk home from their date, in the pouring rain, so that she wouldn’t see his ride… even though he was going to drive right by her house!

Then Steven, the cop. All those stereotypes about cops being overbearing, control-freaks? Yeah, well, believe them!

As I said, fiction loosely based on fact. Hopefully, the fact and fiction parts won’t be easy to distinguish from each other… just in case my mom follows along!

It's not too late for me to change my story idea... opinions?