Monday, January 30, 2006

Aluminun adjuvants under the microscope

Today was one of those days that I will long remember. A day that I expect I’ll look back on in one year, five years, ten years and smile, “that was the day my life work got the traction it needed.”

My life work, the work I feel compelled to do or die trying to get done, is to produce a documentary film about the lies we're told about childhood vaccinations. A film written for parents who have, for a hundred years, been coerced and tricked and lied to about the “proven safety” of the shots that, we’re told, our children need to be healthy. A film that will challenge the sacred cow of childhood vaccinations. (“If you love your child, vaccinate, on-time, every time!”)

Today, I finally received the proof that every broadcaster has demanded of me before they will agree to provide Vaccine Nation with a license (in Canada, that’s the trigger to access support from all the different film funding pots): proof that vaccines are not as safe as the manufacturers and government assert they are.

The very first statistically significant testing has been completed on the safety of aluminum adjuvants* used in vaccines. Yes, the very first safety research ever in the history of vaccines. (Well, the very first ever that researchers could find. Studies with unhappy results may have been undertaken by vaccine-makers but if they ever were they have been destroyed or well-hidden, since there is no record of any research anywhere.)

The study is yet to be published (in the journal Lancet Neurology), but by tomorrow I will have the pre-press copy. I spoke to the lead researcher for an hour today and he regaled me with his story and findings.

I didn’t take notes. So I’ll wait until tomorrow to post what he found. But, if you happen to have an appointment tomorrow to get your child vaccinated with the DTaP or DTP, hepatitis A or B, pneumococcal 7 vaccines, or to get an anthrax shot yourself…call and postpone – just for a day or two.

I know if I were a parent, which I am, I’d be glad I did.

* Aluminum compounds have been widely used as human vaccine adjuvants for more than 70 years. The adjuvant helps the disease ingredients in the vaccine do their job more effectively, increasing the efficacy of the vaccine.


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