Wednesday, June 08, 2005

And now for something completely different

How valuable is the time you spend blogging? I spend about an hour a day researching and writing my blog entries. Since I’m self employed, the time I ‘waste’ blogging is potentially billable time. The majority of the work I’m hired to do is technical writing and curriculum development.

So, since this is my business, I thought I knew the value of my blogging hour. Hah! I’m one of those classic women who earn less than men, not because I’m not as good as the guys who do the same job as I do, but because I never learned to value my work properly. Idiote! (I always insult myself in sounds kinder somehow.)

So, to all you bloggers, filling up publishing space on the Internet, here’s what your writing time is worth. (Data is from 1999. If anyone has more current data I’d love to see it). Did you know your bons mots were that valuable?

Some categories that I found interesting:
Online Publishing: Range: $35-$100/hour; Avg: $70/hour
  • Marketing Communications: Range: $35-$100; Avg: $76/hour
  • Medical/Pharmaceutical Writing: Range: $35-$150; Avg: $75/hour
  • Researcher: Range $25-$150; Avg: $65/hour

    Blogger Toad734 said...

    What do you mean "what book I read"?

    June 08, 2005  
    Blogger Crackpot Press said...

    You mean I can go get a high paying marketing gig and still spend my whole work day on the internet...


    June 08, 2005  
    Blogger Donna said...

    Crackpot...apparently. But when you find the source of income, wanna let me know? And I'll pass along contact info when I find the benevolent benefactor I've been looking for for five years.

    June 08, 2005  

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